NMB Bank has today partnered with Vikoba Groups Union of Tanzania (VIGUTA) to provide financial solution to the thousands of savings and loans groups in the country. Through the partnership, NMB bank will provide financial solutions to over 92,000 financially-excluded groups across the country.

Executive Network Meeting

NMB Bank has organized a customer networking meeting with its top end Business Customers and Corporates. The meeting attracted over 150 customers from Dar es Salaam. The discussion of the meeting focused on ways to improve business and the impact of the 2017/2018 budget for businesses relationship between the bank and its customers.

On Saturday 29 July from 6-10pm, Nafasi Art Space will welcome visitors for an evening to celebrate and support Tanzanian art and culture. The event will include an art display and auction, dance performances, live music, comedy, and a fashion show.

We are delighted to inform you that today marks an exciting chapter in our journey as we officiate a name that demonstrates progressive banking while still preserving everything that Tanzanians have come to love about the brand over the past 12 years since privatization.