We are delighted to inform you that today marks an exciting chapter in our journey as we officiate a name that demonstrates progressive banking while still preserving everything that Tanzanians have come to love about the brand over the past 12 years since privatization.

The bank’s new name was revealed at the 17th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 3rd June 2017 when the shareholders resolved to change the name of the Bank from ‘National Microfinance Bank Public Limited Company’ to ‘NMB Bank PLC’.
The Bank of Tanzania (BOT) gave approval to the name change and has issued a new banking licence to NMB Bank Plc. BRELA has also issued the bank with a Certificate of Change of Name.
NMB Bank Plc was initially a microfinance bank but has over the years grown to become a strong and stable institution serving different sectors of the community such as individuals, micro and small enterprises, farmers as well as large businesses and the Government.
Our brand identity such as colours, logo and the tagline ‘Close to You’ which are key attributes to the success of NMB Bank, will remain unchanged.
NMB is a name already known and held dear by Tanzanians, we have more or less embraced and made it official. Our clients can rest assured that the values which they know and appreciate, shall not change. We will continue to offer products and services that are inclusive and trusted for all customers.