Customers to start enjoying Deposit and Transfer services using Halopesa and a convenience of purchasing Halotel airtime using NMB mobile. 

 Halotel has partnered with NMB to allow five Million Halotel and NMB customers enjoy cash deposit and withdraw services from HaloPesa.

This well designed integration will enable all HaloPesa customers to send money from their respective HaloPesa wallet to any NMB account at the comfort of their fingertips anytime and anywhere. This service also enables NMB customers by using NMB mobile to send money from their respective account to any HaloPesa wallet and access the cash at HaloPesa agent.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam while launching the new partnership, Halotel Deputy Managing Director, Le Van Dai, noted that the partnership is a big step for Halotel Tanzania, as it will enable Millions of Tanzanians to access banking transactions through HaloPesa.

Le Van Dai said Halotel is extending its HaloPesa agent network to NMB to make easy different banking transaction. ''and the target for this service is customers in remote areas and those who have a limited time to visit NMB branches to access banking services, but they can now do that with HaloPesa,” said Le Van Dai, insisting that teachers, fishermen, business people and farmers, most of which do not have time to visit the NMB branches due to busy daily schedules, and by so doing allowing NMB customers to deposit money conveniently into their bank account by a simple and easy to procedure  to follow the process of transferring money directly from HaloPesa wallet to NMB account’’

 ‘’And at the same time we are bringing NMB customers closer to their bank account by enabling withdrawals and deposit from the bank directly into the HaloPesa wallets everywhere across the country”

He added that, ''Halotel is now accessible to 95% of the country's population, with more than 30,000 HaloPesa agents. we believe this partnership will bring both NMB and HaloPesa services closer to the people. This service is essential to both Halotel and NMB customers, most of whom have not been able to access mobile banking services.

The NMB's Acting Chief of Retail Banking – Abdulmajid Nsekela said “Through this strong and long term partnership, NMB will be able to extend its distribution channels and in turn contribute significantly in improving customer’s lives and economy in urban and remote areas of the country”.

 “The introduction of this service linked to NMB mobile will enable more than 2,000,000 NMB customers registered to NMB mobile to deposit money from HaloPesa to NMB account and also send money to other HaloPesa recipients from their NMB accounts at a very affordable rate. Said Nsekela adding that “All NMB customers who are registered to NMB mobile will not need to visit NMB branches to make deposits to their accounts or transfer money to their business partners, friends and families. Introduction of this service enables any NMB mobile customer to send money to any HaloPesa wallet,” He further explained that,

 “This enables teachers, police, nurses and all salaried workers who are passing their salaries through NMB account to be able to access their salaries without a need of visiting NMB branch. They can now simply send money from NMB account to HaloPesa wallet and withdraw cash at any HaloPesa Agent. The integration also enables customers to deposit cash to any NMB account by a simple transfer from HaloPesa wallet to any NMB account,” Nsekela concluded.

The Introduction of this service will create convenience to all Tanzanian but mostly allowing the unbanked and under banked communities to access financial services close to them. NMB continues its commitment to drive financial inclusion and promote digital banking through innovation.