Setting New Year goals is the ‘easy’ part.

During the end of the year most of us seem to have a bust of positive energy to create New Year’s resolutions or goals that we never really see them through. Overwhelmed with this excitement for a particular moment gradually withers away with time. A moment of euphoria when setting goals is good but most importantly having a focused approach and the will power to achieve the goals is better.

Let’s take a simple example that your main goal is to save TZS 500,000/= in 2017. Depending on your income and expenditure, you will need to save around TZS 42,000/= per month to achieve this goal. Again, saving around TZS 42,000/= per month will be determined by your discipline to assure no less than that is put way in your savings. An important question you are undoubtedly asking yourself is where can you open a savings account that is rewarding? First of all, having a bank account that is not tied to everyday expenses is arguably a major step to accomplishing your personal or business goal. A transactional account is ideal for daily expenditure but not for savings as temptations may arise from the access to do so; temptations that will eventually make you fail to reach your goal.

At NMB we want to see our customers succeed. The foundation of our innovation is to create products that are rewarding to our customers. Take a look at our Bonus Account and Business Savings Account, two savings accounts designed for our customers to fulfill their personal and business goals. It might be that you want to save for a wedding this year, your children’s school fees for the coming year, or you want to buy a house in four years and perhaps you have a burning idea to start your own business in the next three years; the NMB Bonus Account and Business Savings Account will cater to your personal and business needs respectively. But this is not all that a Bonus and Business Savings account can do for you- there’s a catch! A bonus interest of up to 13%* is available to all NMB Bonus Account and NMB Business Savings Account holders who will only withdraw funds on either account once on a quarterly basis. Isn’t it great to know that your account is rewarded for each savings made?

Don’t miss the opportunity to take control of your future and finances through savings. 2017 is the year you can kick-start your goals and most importantly grab the opportunity to enjoy an additional 'bonus' interest over the standard interest on your savings. We understand the need of cultivating a savings culture in the country and savings products such as these support the continued growth and development of individuals and businesses.

What are your personal and business goals for this year? Call us today on our toll free number 0800 002 002 and fulfill your aspirations with a Bonus Account or a Business Savings Account.