NMB Bank customers and non-customers to pay for their due taxes through NMB Bank branches across the network available in 95% of all districts in the country

 More than 1.3 Million NMB customers to use NMB mobile which can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

NMB Bank Tanzania has announced improvements made to the partnership with the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) that will make it possible for tax payers to settle their due taxes not only through their mobile phones using either NMB Mobile platform but also through all NMB Bank branches across the network. These tax payments include property taxes, income tax, excise taxes on import duty, excise duty, motor vehicle license and VAT.

The integration of NMB systems with those of TRA have been successful since launch last year and will continue to be part of the bank's commitment to ensure that it offers the most convenient method of tax payments for all types of financial transactions and enhancing national tax collection to be easy, efficient and reliable.

 NMB Mobile and NMB cash collection systems have been integrated with the TRA TAXBANK to accept payment of taxes and will be available to all TRA clients and NMB customers registered on NMB Mobile and through NMB branches across the country.

According to Michael Mungure – The NMB’s Head of Transactional Banking said the tax availability has been fully expanded to its branch network of over 176 branches countrywide as well as to its internet baking and mobile platforms. This service is convenient and safe for customers to use.

 “NMB is keen to enhance tax collection efficiencies,” he said in a statement issued during a recent workshop with the media, “Such efficient tax collection guarantees national development, as these are the monies that are used for infrastructure development, free education, health services and related public services development.” Said Mr Mungure

 Also speaking at workshop, Revenue Accounting Manager – Ramadhan Sengati indicated that the expertise that NMB brought to the partnership has relieved strain on the TRA systems and facilitate the collection of revenue making it easier and convenient for customers to pay for their taxes wherever they are in

 “We are delighted to be working with NMB on this process,” he said, “Our systems and NMB’s are synchronized so that we can track all transactions in real time hence improving efficiency.”Said Mr Sengati

 Taking advantage of the new service through NMB branches, NMB would require TRA clients who are NMB customers or non-customers to submit either a TRA assessment form for customs and excise payments or a control number printout to the bank confirming the payment amount to be received by the bank, who would then issue a confirmation of payment to the taxpayer.

If an NMB customer opts to pay through NMB Mobile, the customer must be registered on NMB Mobile from any NMB ATM, once registered dial *150*66# to select Payment Services then Tax/Duties and follow simple instructions to pay for your required Tax Payments. A customer will get payment confirmation SMS notification for every payment made. Payments through NMB Mobile can also be made when outside the country as long as you have your roaming service activated.