August is the month to celebrate farmers; we celebrate their achievements and their contribution to the national economy through “Nane Nane exhibitions”.

  Given the amount of responsibilities we have, school fees that we have to pay, groceries, bills amongst many others, we tend to naturally put savings in the backburner.

One of the biggest decisions we make in our lives is the one regarding our careers. A career defines who you are and the person you envision yourself to be. It is not only about employment but rather the establishment of a relationship between yourself and an employer.

We held 'Bring Your Child To Work Day' for parents and guardians at NMB Bank to bring their kids to work- to see where 'dad' and 'mom' work.

I have always had the passion to surpass my humble beginnings where, I realized at an early stage that exception performance, in any undertaking, is the winning formula.