1. What are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader?

There are a lot of principles that I apply in my daily life and as a leader I am guided by these principles through various aspects. Integrity and ownership are very essential part of me but so are teamwork, empowerment and diversity when you want to get things ‘done’. I believe what’s key in enabling good leadership is emotionally connecting with your team by focusing on their growth through coaching, counselling and mentorship.

2. What is your vision as the Branch Manager for Mwanjelwa in leading your team and the bank?

My vision is to see everyone understands the bank’s vision – its growth in digital financial inclusion. It’s really important to see the bank moving fast to digital aspect of providing services to our customers that will basically save their time, increase customer satisfaction and improve services. It is also very important to see all my team become flexible and conversant with the Bank moves so as they should always fulfil their dreams in a desirable period of time with maximum gain/satisfaction.

3. Describe a time you took a leadership position when you did not have the title of a leader

I remember in 2013 when I was a bank officer and I was appointed to act as a Customer Service Manager at Dodoma Branch. This was a time I remember to have understood what leadership means. It was a time where my team needed me the most, expected of me the most. The time when I had to "walk the talk", the time I have to be more creative and positive team drive, the time I understood what the word PUNCTUAL means. It was the time when my ownership and integrity rose, the time when empathy, responsibility and accountability was needed the most. It strengthened the desire for me to become a leader- it took me seven years to become a leader or rather to lead with a title.

4. How do you achieve your objectives in a fast-paced (banking) environment?

I normally achieve my objective in a steady pace and produce the quality outcome/result by observing deadline to make the work done in advance. Through understanding my role, team and get myself prepared also made this possible. I also like to do  the right things right , taking advantage of opportunity as may arise , taking full advantage of all resources both mine and and team mates and finally recognize the efficiency once one shown the wonders and good work.

5. How did you prepare for your current role as Branch Manager?

This has come deep rooted and I believe that I am born a leader because I am biologically the first born in our family of 5 children. So practically, dare I say, I have been preparing for it my whole life. It has been part of my interest that one day I must become a leader. However, through accomplishment of work in different departments, volunteering to tasks, educational achievements and various training and courses I had, it all made it possible to fulfil the dream of becoming a branch manager.

6.  How important is it for you as a leader to drive diversity in your team and why?

I do believe that people have different elements and qualities in delivering of ideas, job work done and in winning together despite their differences. Diversity is very important because in work place it brings about an increase in productivity and competitive advantage, increase staff morale for desired work, increases the level of understanding of each other that facilitate in collaboration and cooperation.